Welcome to Colossal Blob!

Colossal Blob is a 2 to 4 player pick-up-and-play card game for everyone! Playing as a Blob, players must collect growth cards to grow or play attack cards to shrink their opponents. The goal is to become the biggest, baddest, most COLOSSALEST blob and win the game!

Interested in growing your very own blob?

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How to play!

Want to jump into Colossal Blob NOW? This video will tell you the rules quick!

It also includes two variations on the rules, (one for 2 player games and one for any number of players) so you can learn a few different ways to play!

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Fun Times!

Have a fun picture of you playing Colossal Blob with your friends and family? Maybe you drew a blob picture? Maybe you are even just goofing around with your stuffed blob? Whatever blobby pictures you have, we’d like to add them to our gallery below! If you have one to add, scroll down to Contact Us and let us know where we can find it, or contact us on Facebook!

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A Little, Blobby History

One of the coolest things about Colossal Blob is that it was chosen as one of the 5 finalists in Hasbro’s Great Game Contest for 2016! Hasbro had around 650 games to look at and decided that Colossal Blob was one of the most fun out of all of them! Because of this, were we able to fund the game through Indiegogo. You can watch the original video below.